The Inspectorate to the Supreme Judicial Council is judicial system bodie and was established under Article 132a of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria (Promulgated, State Gazette No 12/6 February 2007).

The Inspectorate to the Supreme Judicial Council is an independent body. Its main function is to inspect the activity of the judiciary bodies without affecting their independence.

The Inspectorate which shall consist of an Inspector General and ten inspectors, elected by the National Assembly by a majority of two thirds of the Parliament Members. The Inspector General shall be elected for term of five years and the inspectors - for four years. The terms and procedure for the election and removal of the Inspector General and of the inspectors, as well as the organization and operation of the Inspectorate, shall be regulated by art. 40- art. 60, Chapter three of the Judiciary System Act.

The Inspector General and the inspectors, in the performance of their functions, shall be independent  and subservient only to the law.

The Inspectorate to the Supreme Judicial Council carries out planned, controlling and thematic inspections, envisaged in the Annual Program and inspections on an initiative by the citizens, legal entities and state bodies, including judges, prosecutors and investigating magistrates.

The Inspectorate shall file tip-offs, proposals and reports with other state bodies, including the competent judicial system bodies.

The Inspectorate shall provide on an annual basis public information about its business.